About Us


Discover great, rich and vast possibilities of elegant scents. Our sense of smell is generally regarded as our most potent sense as far as permanent recollection of places, products or experience is concerned. With several years of experience, aroma essentials have been assisting many companies and individuals implement great scents as an integral component of their general branding tactics. This we have been able to achieve by making use of natural fragrances, expertly formulated scent diffusers supported by a great global distribution mechanism.


We provide fully natural and organic skin and hair care solutions therefore you don’t need to be overly anxious about any harmful or negative side effects. All our skin care and hair care products are well- blend formulation of botanical extracts and aromatherapy. Our wide range of products are all made from vegetable and essential natural oils, natural moisturizers and natural butters which are non-comedogenic, extremely safe to use and non- irritant. With this our products provides your hair and skin a full refreshing, revitalizing and nourishing experience. In addition, our range of skin care and hair care products are varied and numerous such as skin care products, Lip care products, Eye care products, face masks, Scrubs, Tan removal, belly butter, hydrating mist, massage candles, body creams, baby care products and so much more. Extracted from leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, herbs barks, roots peels, spices and other plant materials, these natural plant derivatives still possesses the natural characteristics of their parent material.

Our essential oil fragrance are blend with fully 100% totally pure essential oils, absolutely no dilutions, no additives, and surely no carrier oils, exactly the way it was intended by mother nature. It is highly concentrated and provides both the therapeutic properties as well as the aroma of its originating material. Obviously our product is the very best available in the marketplace, the unmatched quality of our amazing products when use properly will captivate your senses and gives your mind and body limitless pleasure and relief, its therapeutic properties will also bring healing to your body.

The best part is that we formulated these products with you in mind, therefore our wide range of high quality products are available at very pocket – friendly prices, therefore you don’t need to break the bank to get your favorite oil.

Our blog is committed to providing only the finest and products of high quality and render unbeatable service. At Aroma Essentials, our major primary goal is to have happy and satisfied customers. We are constantly working to be the very best in the industry by always producing innovative products of the finest quality. Feel free to contact us for questions and concerns.